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NIP2000/5000 Intrusion Prevention Systems

The NIP2000/5000 Series offers comprehensive network intrusion prevention for Web2.0 and cloud computing on enterprise, IDC, and campus networks. Multi-level protection technologies provide virtual patching, web application protection, client protection, malware defense, and network- and application-layer anti-DDoS functions for IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

With zero configuration, zero false positives, powerful packet detection and forwarding, the NIP2000/5000 Series outshines competitors in performance and cost.

Keep vital traffic and data safe today with the plug-and-play NIP2000/5000 Series.

The NIP 2000/5000 Series protects network infrastructure, bandwidth performance, servers, and clients with zero configuration and zero false positives

  • Easy to deploy: No signature calibration and network parameter/threshold/baseline settings are required; rich policy templates enable customized security policies
  • The attack signature database blocks vulnerability-based attacks before they start for proactive, real-time protection
  • 10-Gigabit packet detection engine ensures the NIP 2000/5000 Series system is always on the job regardless of traffic volumes
  • Identifies 1,200+ applications and implements fine-grained application protection along with user behavior controls to save egress bandwidth and ensure bandwidth for key services
  • Advanced vulnerability feature detection automatically learns traffic baselines to prevent incorrect threshold configurations and intercepts major and severe threats without signature modification







Fixed Ports

4 x GE (RJ45)

4 x GE (combo)

4 x GE (RJ45)

4 x GE (combo)

4 x GE (RJ45)

4 x GE (combo)

4 x GE (RJ45)

4 x GE (combo)

2 x 10 GE (SFP)

Server Protection


All-round server protection addresses problems with system and service vulnerability exploits, brute force, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting

Client Protection


Security protection for web browsers and plug-ins (Java and ActiveX)

Protection for files with common formats: PDF, Word, Flash, and AVI
Defense against operating system vulnerabilities, detection of infected systems, and detection of spyware and adware

Infrastructure Protection

Malformed packet attack prevention, defense against special packets, scanning attack prevention, TCP/UDP flooding attack prevention
Application-layer DDoS attack prevention: HTTP, HTTPs, DNS, SIP, and more
Traffic model self-learning: Sets thresholds for traffic attacks based on normal traffic statistics

Network Application Management

Identification and management of more than 1,200 mainstream application protocols, including P2P, IM, online games, stock software, voice application, online video, streaming media, web mail, mobile terminals, and remote login

Device Management

GUI-based configuration, hierarchical management, permission-based access control, and centralized device management
Periodic upgrade of engine repository, rollback of engine repository, and Intranet upgrade


Device status monitoring, event information record backup, log querying and filtering, real-time monitoring of network status, and specialized reports


Specialized management port: In-line IPS deployment, off-line IDS deployment, and hybrid deployment
Hardware bypass and high availability