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Security Event Management Center

Security Event Management Center is a comprehensive and unified system to implement log management and security audit. With superb performance, reliability, security, and scalability, it implements mass storage, unified management, and convenient operation and maintenance, meeting the needs of log management and security audit.

Comprehensively and Accurately Managing and Displaying Security Events

  • NAT source tracing collects and analyzes the session logs of devices to obtain NAT information. The NAT information coupled with identity data sources (such as AAA server) can meet the requirements for security audit and evidence collection
  • Provides abundant security reports and aggregates security event logs from various network and security devices, such as Huawei network UTM, firewall, NGFWs. It analyzes these logs then generates a comprehensive report


Multiple Log Collection Modes

Supports syslog, JDBC, dataflow, XDR, session, radius, netflow, FTP/SFTP, and WMI modes of log collection

Multiple Reports Export Formats

Supports PDF, HTML, Word, TXT, Excel, and MHTML formats

Multiple Alarm Mode

Supports SMS, email, audio, SNMP, and trap modes


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