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Agile Controller-T

Transport-software defined networking (T-SDN) is the key driver for evolution and innovation of next generation transport networks. T-SDN technology breaks through the traditional, closed architecture, and enables construction of a transport network that is more open, synergetic, and automatic. T-SDN is one of the most important features of the next generation transport network.

The Agile Controller-T virtualizes physical devices, collects network information from NEs in real time, and uniformly controls network resources to achieve optimal network resource utilization, significantly reducing network O&M costs and facilitating development of an open ecosystem.

Key Features

  • On Deman: The bandwidth on demand (BoD) feature helps VIP customers provision services within minutes, significantly shortening the time to market (TTM). With this feature, transport bandwidth can be adjusted in real time, preventing congestion in case of burst traffic.
  • High Efficiency:Featuring a centralized and advanced algorithm, the Agile Controller-T implements centralized network management, ASON+T-SDN dual protection (increasing the rerouting success rate by 10%). IP+optical multi-layer and multi-domain centralized management enables cross-layer automatic service provisioning and service protection synergy on the IP+optical network, improving network efficiency by 40% and provisioning services in minutes.
  • Open Platform:The three-layer model (device/network/service) and standard northbound interfaces (NBIs) are based on theYANG model, facilitating development of an open application platform and enabling users to focus on services.
  • High Availability:The Agile Controller-T has achieved carrier-class reliability (99.9999%) using local clusters, dual servers in the same city, and geographic disaster recovery. In addition, the features an in-depth security defense system with multi-layer security mechanisms.



The Agile Controller-T supports BoD, which is mainly applied to private line bearer and DCI scenarios. The Agile Controller-T also supports functions such as one-click fast service provisioning, on-demand bandwidth adjustment, and reserved service provisioning.

  • Provides transport pipes on demand and in real time, adapting to requirements on fast service provisioning.
  • Adjusts bandwidth quickly in real time, achieving self-operation of private line services.
  • Sets time policies, achieving scheduled service provisioning or service bandwidth adjustment.

Automatic O&M

The Agile Controller-T can obtain network-wide resource information and therefore can use advanced algorithms to schedule and optimize network-wide resources, greatly simplifying O&M.

  • Centralized rerouting: The Agile Controller-T uses the advanced PCE algorithm to compute the optimal service path, improving the rerouting success rate and resource utilization.
  • Survivability analysis: The Agile Controller-T supports network survivability analysis and resource warning. Users are allowed to evaluate service survivability status and resource usage status by means of simulated resource analysis (such as fiber cut). Real-time analysis, fault simulation, and warning enable proactive and automatic network O&M.
  • Fiber cutover: The Agile Controller-T can obtain network-wide link and service information, find all services that traverse the specified optical fiber, migrate these services before a physical fiber cutover, and then migrate them back after the fiber cutover is completed. This significantly improves the service operation efficiency and user experience.

Resource Visualization

The Agile Controller-T supports layered visualization of network-wide resources and comprehensively monitors network performance using the network-wide resource view.

  • Displays real-time status of network-wide resources and utilization of resources such as wavelengths, sub-wavelengths, and ports.
  • Monitors network-wide service performance and clearly displays key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the service latency, packet loss ratio, and jitter.


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