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NE9000 Converged Backbone Router

Huawei’s NetEngine9000 series core router (NE9000) is Huawei’s flagship core router created for large-scale Data Center Interconnect (DCI), super core nodes on the carrier backbone network, metro core, and core nodes on large-scale enterprise networks.

The NE9000 supports the industry’s largest port capacity with a single-chassis port capacity of up to 80 Tbit/s to 160 Tbit/s and expands the maximum system capacity to 7.68P through cluster extension for the industry’s largest Pbit platform. The NE9000 currently supports 4T/slot, expandable to 8T/slot, and supports MPLS backbone network optimization solution, IP border network traffic scheduling solution, DCI E2E service provisioning and IP + Optical synergy solution.

Powerful forwarding capacity, open SDN architecture, improved operational capacity, innovative energy-saving design and carrier-class reliability, Pbit converged backbone router

  • Powerful forwarding capacity: Single-chassis port capacity of 80 Tbit/s to 160 Tbit/s and expands the maximum system capacity to 7.68P through cluster extension
  • Open SDN architecture for the cloud era: MPLS backbone network optimization solution and IP border network traffic scheduling solution achieves real-time smart data traffic tuning, the IP + Optical synergy solution achieves a layered integration of network resources, the DCI E2E service provisioning solution builds a virtual cloud DC network
  • Improved operational capacity: IPv4/IPv6 solutions, MPLS and VPN solutions, and improved Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities with differentiated Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Innovative energy-saving design: Power savings of 30% compared to traditional integrated power supplies, power consumption of less than 0.4W/G
  • Carrier-class reliability: Guarantees fast and reliable network-wide operations




Switching Capacity

209 Tbit/s

Forwarding Performance

36,160 Mpps





Slots Number


Port Types

400 GE, 100 GE, 40 GE, and 10 GE

Typical Power Consumption


Dimensions (H x W x D)

2,200 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm  (49.5U)

The NE9000 presents a single-cabinet design for a cabinet-free installation


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