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Unified Message System

Information can be transferred to anyone, anywhere, at anytime with this flexible, customizable voice and fax mailbox system. Terminals include SIP terminals and analog phones. 

Unanswered calls can be converted into messages or faxes. The Unified Message System can notify users by telephone or email. Users are able to check messages through telephone, fax, Web, or email anywhere, anytime.

Build a flexible, customizable fax and voice mailbox system to quickly send and receive important messages

  • Customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) greetings
  • Phone- or web-assisted message forwarding, group message transmission; multiple message retrieval methods
  • Automatic backup of messages for enhanced security
  • Automatic deletion of historical messages for improved system resource usage




Maximum Number of Voice Mailbox Users


Maximum Number of Fax Mailbox Users


Maximum Number of Concurrent Voice Mailboxes


Maximum Number of Concurrent Fax Mailboxes



TLS/SRTP encrypts transmission; message data is encrypted for storage

Deployment Mode

Single-node system or two-node cluster


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