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RP Series Room Telepresence Systems

RP Series Telepresence Systems turn a small- to medium-sized office or conference room into a video conferencing facility with 1 or 2 HD displays. Fixed stand or portable units with built-in 1080p HD codec, HD camera, and microphone combine flexible screen attributes with easy-to-use features.

Remote control and optional Android-based touch panel provide user-friendly graphical interfaces; voice dialing lets you join a conference by speaking its name.

Available with 48-inch, or 55-inch displays, RP models incorporate advanced video processing and error-correction technologies for a smooth, lifelike experience with network speeds as low as 512 Kbit/s.

Bring video conferencing to life in any room with Huawei’s RP Series Telepresence Systems integrating HD video, camera, microphone, and data

  • Huawei’s Video Motion Enhancement (VME) 2.0 technology selectively enhances important details such as people’s faces, while Super Error Correction (SEC) technology makes the system highly tolerant of packet loss
  • Support for industry-standard encryption and interfacing protocols (including Telepresence Interoperability Protocol, TIP) ensures security and enables the TP3106-70 to work with a variety of other mainstream telepresence systems
  • Three 70-inch HD displays provide an immersive conference, and three 22-inch tabletop displays show presentations at a resolution of 1080p60
  • A 10-inch touch panel with an intuitive GUI simplifies conference setup
  • Versatile setup accommodates six remote video conference participants and 10 people for a local conference



RP100-46S & RP200-46S

RP100-55S & RP200-55S

RP100-46A & RP200-46A

RP100-55A & RP200-55A


HD display, 1080p codec, 1080p camera, microphone, and remote control


1080p30 codec

1080p60 codec


1080p HD camera




Video Standards and Protocols

H.263, H.263+, H.264 BP, H.264 HP, and H.264 SVC

Video Resolutions

Dual 720p30 or 1080p30 + 1080p5

Dual 1080p60

Audio Standards and Protocols

G.711, G.722, G.728, G.722.1*, G.722.1C*, AAC-LD, and HWA-LD

*: G.722.1/G.722.1C, licensed from Polycom®

Dimensions (H x W x D)

RP100-46S: 1,645 mm x 1,088 mm x 618 mm

RP200-46S: 1,645 mm x 2,176 mm x 618 mm

RP100-55S: 1,741 mm x 1,245 mm x 618 mm

RP200-55S: 1,741 mm x 2,490 mm x 618 mm

RP100-46A: 1,645 mm x 1,102 mm x 618 mm

RP200-46A: 1,645 mm x 2,204 mm x 618 mm

RP100-55A: 1,741 mm x 1,238 mm x 618 mm

RP200-55A: 1,741 mm x 2,476 mm x 618 mm


RP100-46S: 90.4 kg

RP200-46S: 108.6 kg

RP100-55S: 99.1 kg

RP200-55S: 124 kg

RP100-46A: 92.9 kg

RP200-46A: 109.6 kg

RP100-55A: 99.4 kg

RP200-55A: 120.6 kg

Power Consumption

RP100-46S: 138.9W

RP200-46S: 236.9W

RP100-55S: 171.9W

RP200-55S: 301.9W

RP100-46A: 144W

RP200-46A: 242W

RP100-55A: 177.5W

RP200-55A: 308.5W


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