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RSE6500 1080p60 Recording and Streaming Engine

A high-performance, full-HD recording and streaming engine that supports live video multicast and mobile Video-on-Demand (VoD). The RSE6500 supports 1080p60 live streaming for up to 2,000 viewers, with large storage capacity and multiple backup mechanisms.

Integrates seamlessly with Huawei’s single-screen and 3-screen HD video conferencing solutions for streaming and recording; open APIs for easy integration with IPTV and 3rd-party streaming media systems.

Supports live and on-demand streaming formats, multiple picture-in-picture options, and user-friendly content indexing, searching, and queuing features with thumbnail preview.

Large-capacity 1080p60 HD Recording and Streaming Engine for local and web-based video conferencing, multicast, and mobile Video-on-Demand

  • Versatile HD recording and streaming media processor with open SOAP-based APIs for integration with 3 rd-party streaming media applications, FTP and TS transmission, and storage support
  • Large scale, 30-channel 1080p60 recording and 2,000 channel concurrent on-demand playback; also supporting 1080p30, 720p60, 720p30, 4CIF, and CIF
  • Supports local and network recording and live broadcasting; convenient web-based access based on HTML5 supports mobile playback without plug-ins
  • Three backup mechanisms for high reliability — power supply, hard disk, and chipset
  • Secure encryption: HTTPS, H.235, TLS/SRTP





Maximum Capability


30 x 1080p60/1080p30/720p60/720p30 recordings (dual stream)

Live: 10 x 720p30, 5 x 1080p30, or 2 x 1080p60 live streams

VoD: 2,000 viewers @ 256 kbit/s; 1,000 viewers @ 512 kbit/s; 512 viewers @ 1 Mbit/s; 256 viewers @ 2 Mbit/s


30 x 1080p60/1080p30/720p60/720p30 recordings (dual stream)

Live: 20 x 720p30, 10 x 1080p30, or 5 x 1080p60 live streams

VoD: 2,000 viewers @ 256 kbit/s; 1,000 viewers @ 512 kbit/s; 512 viewers @ 1 Mbit/s; 256 viewers @ 2 Mbit/s

Storage Capacity

2 TB, 4,000-hour recordings @ 512 kbit/s

Recording time

Up to 4,000 hours of 512 kbit/s dual stream recordings

Reliability and Security

  • Power, hard disk, and chipset backup
  • Network storage expansion: IP SAN and NAS
  • User authentication: login confirmation of LDAP/AD users to simplify user and group management
  • Multiple user tiered permission management based on video grouping and user grouping
  • Encryption: HTTPS, H.235, TLS/SRTP

Standards and Protocols

  • ITU-T H.323 and IETF SIP
  • H.264 BP, H.264 HP, H.263, H.263+, and H.263++
  • AAC-LD, AAC-LC, G.711a, G.711u, G.722, and iLBC
  • H.239 and BFCP


  • Uni-stream and dual-stream recording
  • Recording of the endpoint called by the recording server
  • Recording of three-screen Telepresence
  • 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p60, 720p30, 4CIF, and CIF
  • File storage formats: MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, and FLV
  • Offline transcoding and adding text index
  • Dump, export, and upload recorded files
  • Ability to record PowerPoint files or conference agendas
  • Audio IVR for reminding
  • Bandwidth: 128 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s

Live Streaming and VoD

  • Web-based and standard videoconferencing endpoints
  • Live streaming: unicast and multicast
  • On-demand streaming (unicast)
  • Offline playback after downloading
  • Browser
  • Computer: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 19+, Chrome 25+; MAC and iOS: Safari 5+; Android: Android 2.3+

Playback Features

  • Search, preview, and play recorded content on the web interface
  • Quickly search video sources through video grouping and labeling
  • Pause, drag, and PowerPoint content searching during on-demand playback on the web interface
  • Multiple playing layouts
  • Chat online while live broadcasting, and comment when video on-demand


English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese

Third-party integration

SOAP-based open APIs and transmission interfaces based on TS stream and FTP


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