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Proactive Outbound Platform

The Proactive Outbound Platform (POP) creates an interactive Contact Center to manage outbound calling for telemarketing and product review. Agents can promote new products and services to customers with telemarketing calls or conduct product review survey calls.

POP consists of an outbound server and an outbound management system in a Browser/Server structure. POP automatically makes outbound calls through IVR flows or agents can manually make calls.

The POP platform can import customer information, manage outbound campaigns, and provide outbound calling policies with open interfaces to customize services.

Web-based management simplifies outbound calling services and telemarketing campaigns with POP integrated as a core component of Huawei’s Contact Center Solution

  • Uses the outbound management system to manage and monitor outbound campaigns, and the outbound server to obtain outbound campaign information, execute outbound campaigns, empowering agents with capabilities to answer and make calls
  • Provides three outbound calling policies: Predicted, previewed, and pre-empted. The predicted outbound calling policy uses a Huawei-proprietary outbound calling prediction algorithm to accurately locate customers
  • Supports web-based unified management and simple tasks for creating outbound campaigns
  • Provides open standard WebService interfaces for enterprises to customize services




Maximum Number of Outbound Agents


Maximum Number of Outbound Campaigns


Maximum Number of Online Supervisors


Maximum Number of Customers in Outbound Call List


Customer Information Importing Speed (items/second)


Maximum Size of a CSV File

20 MB

Maximum Size of an Excel File

5 MB

Database Servers

SUSE Linux 11 Enterprise + Oracle 11g Enterprise

Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard + SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard

Outbound Management Servers

Windows 2008 R2

SUSE Linux 11 Enterprise

Outbound Management Clients

Windows XP + IE7.0/8.0 or Firefox 5.0 or later


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