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Business Intelligence Report

The Business Intelligence Report (BIR) is a comprehensive report platform and report tool for management staff to make effective decisions about contact center operations. The report platform provides a daily settlement data dictionary for the built-in or third-party report tools to customize reports. The built-in report tool collects statistics, allows users to customize reports, and display them in tables or charts.

Historical statistics collected by Huawei’s BIR helps staff to efficiently manage contact center Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Measure and continuously improve performance with Huawei’s comprehensive Business Intelligence Report system providing visual statistics for better decision-making

  • Provides more than 40 baseline and personalized reports, covering contact center, trunk, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), skill queue, multimedia, outbound call, and inspection reports
  • Uses Browser/Server structure, exports files in multiple formats, filters statistics online, and executes periodic tasks to automatically export and send reports
  • Provides an open data dictionary to integrate with third-party report systems for customized reporting



Business Intelligent Report

Maximum Number of Agents


Maximum Number of Concurrent Login Users


Maximum Number of Tasks


Maximum Number of Platform Report Templates


Maximum Number of Customized Report Templates


Maximum Number of BIR Baseline Reports


Report Query Response Time (seconds)


Supported Databases and Operating Systems

Oracle 11g Standard/Enterprise + SUSE Linux 11

SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise + Windows 2008 Enterprise


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