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Contact Routing Server

Huawei Contact Routing Server (CRS) is the central component of an enterprise Contact Center system. The CRS helps enterprises implement efficient services and marketing operations in diverse channels; CRS routes calls from multiple media channels in a unified manner, offers multimedia contact service control, agent management, and delivers a professional customer service experience. 

CRS can deploy in three modes: Outsourced, networked, and clustered. Ensure agent efficiency and service continuity through unified routing, layered services, and open standard interfaces for integrating applications.

Support up to 20,000 agents in 300 Virtual Contact Centers (VCCs) along with seamless operations and resource management.

Huawei Contact Routing Server supports unified routing and layered services and offers open service interfaces

  • Supports multimedia contact channels, such as audio, video, email, fax, web, and social media — routes service requests from these channels in a unified manner
  • Provides multiple routing policies, such as preset skill-based routing, intelligent routing, and layered routing, from which enterprises can select depending on their business features, service duration, and customer groups
  • Supports integrated applications like outsourcing using a VCC, networked contact center supporting network-wide call distribution, resource sharing, load balancing, and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Offers open, standard interfaces, including OCX and WebService, to easily integrate with third-party service systems




Maximum Number of Concurrent Online Agents


Maximum Number of Configured Agents


Maximum Number of Agents in a Group


Maximum Number of Skills Assigned to an Agent


Maximum Number of Concurrent Online Inspectors


Maximum Levels Configured for a Skill


Maximum Number of VCCs (outsourcing)


Maximum Number of Nodes in a Networked Contact Center


Supported Databases

Oracle 11g Standard/Enterprise Editions

SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard Edition

SUSE Linux 11 Enterprise Edition


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