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Huawei and VSTECS Sign a MoU of Global Services

VSTECS Becomes the First Huawei Global Certified Service Partner

7/4/2017 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:
[Singapore, July 4th, 2017] Huawei and VSTECS Holdings limited (hereafter referred to as VSTECS), has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in global services. VSTECS is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products distributor and services provider in the Asia Pacific region. The two companies will cooperate in-depth in Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) Projects delivery and providing tier-2 partners technical services to further optimize regional service partner ecosystems in different parts of the world. After the signing ceremony, Huawei awarded VSTECS the first Global Certified Service Partner (GCSP) certificate. 

Lv Zhiquan(Right), Director of Huawei Southern Pacific Enterprise Service Dept, is awarding the GCSP certificate to Lim Tow Cheng(Middle), VSTECS EVP

According to the MoU, as a GCSP, VSTECS provides Multi-national Corporations (MNCs) Projects delivery and tier-2 partners technical services in five countries, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and will provide such business in Hong Kong, Laos, and Cambodia this year. It is estimated that the total Huawei-VSTECS business volume will be USD 35 million by the end of 2017. 

Tow Cheng Lim, EVP of Group Business Development at VSTECS said:  “The GCSP marks an important milestone in our relationship with Huawei, a key partner of the Group.  With GCSP, we look forward to working closer with Huawei to support our customers in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).”

Hua Shuang, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Service Partners Business Department said, "Huawei Enterprise Business Group (EBG) is dedicated to building a service ecosystem with openness, collaboration, and shared success, helping enterprises to progress in the digital transformation. VSTECS is one of the most important partners of Huawei in the ICT sector. That VSTECS signed the cooperation agreement of GCSP signifies a milestone of Huawei's development in service channel partners and will greatly facilitate two companies' continuous cooperation, providing better business support to cross-country customers and partners especially."

Yan Bin (Left), Senior Manager of Huawei Enterprise  BG Service Partners Business Dept, is signing an MoU on global services with Lim Tow Cheng (Right), VSTECS EVP

Huawei has been dedicated to developing service partners, attracts services partners to improve capabilities with the Certified Service Partner (CSP) program, and urges partners to change from resale channel partners to partners with solution capabilities, forming the advantage of differentiated competitiveness. Until April 2017, Huawei has partnered with more than 2200 GCSPs and more than 80 CSPs above five stars. In the year 2017, Huawei has announced the GCSP program, raises requirements for certified partners to provide services in multiple countries, opens service authorization comprehensively, provides better benefits to services, and cooperates with partners in greater breadth and depth.