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Huawei Sketches Road to Smart Grid for Energy Companies at African Utility Week 2017

5/9/2017 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:

[Cape Town, South Africa, May 9, 2017] Huawei’s extensive range of solutions designed to facilitate the digital transformation of energy companies are on full display at the African Utility Week (AUW), the largest electric power event in Africa held in Cape Town, South Africa, from May 16 to 18.

Huawei‘s participation in the AUW, under the theme “Leading New ICT, the Road to Smart Grid”, will culminate with the hosting on May 17 of the Fifth Huawei Global Power Summit, an event bringing together government department representatives, major power companies' decision makers and technical heads, as well as industry-renowned experts to explore the path to digital transformation, share their best practices in cloud services, AMI-based intelligent power consumption and fiber communications in smart grids.

Energy Sharing, Eco-Friendly Design, and High Reliability: the New Normal for Global Power Grids

As demand for electricity continues to grow, electric power companies have renewed calls for the development of effective solutions able to reduce power consumption and carbon emission. While facing intense regulatory scrutiny, these companies need to integrate energy with the Internet and transform their power grids into energy sharing networks, also known as the Internet of Energy (IoE). The IoE features bi-directional, on-demand power transmission and dynamic load balancing. As energy companies contemplate taking the plunge, they will first need to work out how to build reliable, cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly power grids. This is the greatest challenge faced by the global electric power industry, which has been built around traditional power grids, in which energy flows in a centralized, uni-directional mode.  Smart grids, by contrast, allow for a distributed, bi-directional energy flow.

Leading Enterprises to Benefit from Huawei’s Better Connected Power Grid Solution 

During the AUW, Huawei will showcase its Better Connected Power Grid Solution, the culmination of the company’s more than two decades of experience acquired working in the electric power industry. The solution, which has so far been used by no less than 170 industry customers in 65 different countries, covers all nodes in the electric power service chain. Various, converged access communications enable comprehensive awareness of power terminals' operating status. The high-speed communications networks, both wired and wireless, provide reliable, real-time data transmission services. The cloud data center integrates data across the grid to support intelligent power service analysis and management, effectively supporting the construction of smarter power grids. Based on the IoT connection management platform, Huawei developed and released the IoE 2.0 Solution to build power companies' nervous systems in the energy interconnection era. 

Huawei’s exhibition booth is located in Hall 2 D7 Area of the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC). A few highlights include:

  • Huawei's achievements in helping global leading power companies conduct digital transformation successfully. SGCC and Eskom, two leaders in the electric power industry, will demonstrate how Huawei’s industry-leading ICT infrastructure solutions have helped them tackle digital transformation and stay at the forefront of the electric power industry.
  • The unveiling of the South Africa OpenLab and the new power industry cloud: In line with its "platform + ecosystem" strategy, Huawei, together with Eskom, will officially launch the Huawei & Eskom Joint Innovation Center, as part of Huawei’s OpenLab initiative aimed at creating customer-centric and innovative solutions that enable digital transformation, while promoting industry ecosystem development.  Under this partnership, Huawei will provide innovative solutions to meet Eskom's service requirements and help Eskom implement its business strategies. In addition, Huawei and T-System will release the jointly-developed Power Cloud Service Solution during the event.
  • Solutions demonstrations and best practices sharing for building smart grids at the Huawei Global Power Summit: At the Summit, Huawei will demonstrate multiple innovative products and solutions, including the One-Stop ICT Solution designed to help power companies build smart grids efficiently and the Power Cloud Service Solution built jointly by Huawei and T-System to enable on-demand resource sharing and distribution. In addition, Huawei will share joint innovation projects on smart grids carried out at the company’s OpenLab in South Africa and invite power companies from GSCC, Nigeria, and Ethiopia to share their practices in AMI-based intelligent power consumption and fiber communications in smart grids.

Huawei's exhibition booth in AUW is in Hall 2, D7. For more details about, please visit Huawei's website.