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Huawei SSD Wins Best Internet Technology Innovation Award 2016

11/28/2016 12:00:00 AM Author: Source:

[Beijing, China, November 28, 2016] Huawei was presented the Best Internet Technology Innovation Award at the Global Technology Innovation Conference (GTIC) 2016. The award was presented in recognition of Huawei's ES3000 V3 NVMe SSD (ES3000 SSD for short), which incorporates innovation and optimization focusing on customer requirements.

ES3000 SSD represents Huawei’s sixth-generation PCIe SSD product. It adopts Huawei's ASIC SSD controller and innovative NVMControl technology, provides PCIe 3.0 x4 ports, and complies with NVMe 1.2 standards. The ES3000 V3 NVMe SSD has two physical form factors: a U.2 disk (2.5-inch ES3600P V3) and a half-height and half-length PCIe card (ES3600C V3), both providing up to 3.2 TB capacity. They deliver 3.2 GB/s bandwidth, and up to 800,000 IOPS. According to the third-party organization evaluation statistics at, the ES3000 SSD delivers the highest performance among all NVMe SSDs in the industry, 1000 times higher than that of common hard disks and 10 times higher than that of SATA SSDs.  Huawei has become one of the vendors that possess an SSD controller chip as well as the SSD R&D and production core technologies. 

Award ceremony

Huawei, a pioneer in the PCIe SSD technology, released the industry's first PCIe SSD product for enterprises in 2007. By eliminating traditional I/O bottlenecks, Huawei PCIe SSDs helped Internet enterprises significantly improve search performance and are now widely used in database, cloud computing, Big Data, distributed storage, and other scenarios.

As we all know, PCIe SSD cards are installed inside server chassis. Though delivering high performance, they require server shutdown for maintenance. The 2.5-inch ES3000 SSD not only delivers performance equivalent to that of PCIe SSD cards but also supports the hot swap and plug-and-play functions as supported by common hard disks.

Early in January this year, Huawei initiated its "NVMe SSD Flash Storm" campaign in the server domain to promote replacing SATA SSDs with Huawei ES3000 SSDs. According to the campaign, Huawei ES3000 SSDs can double the performance of SATA SSDs, all while consuming 40% less power. This helps customers significantly improve service performance and reduce system TCO.

At the main venue of GTIC2016, Lin Jun, Chief Architect of Server Product Domain of Huawei IT Product Line, delivered the keynote speech entitled "Data Center Technology Architecture Transformation Towards Cloud." He pointed out that large-scale data center devices are developing towards resource pooling and hardware decoupling, and revealed Huawei's efforts in technology innovation following this developmental trend.